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Author Bio

Jeremy O’Carroll can still remember with clarity the moment he decided to become a writer. He was 18, studying Italian in Perugia (Italy), lying on his back in a dingy rented room and reading The Magician by Raymond E. Feist.

He was a little homesick, lonely – and in the perfect state to enjoy the fantasy world Feist had created.

With little else to do after class each day, he read first one, then another and another of Feist’s books, until all of a sudden it came to him. He, too, should write!

Press Kit

On this page you will find media resources, including print quality photos of Full Speed author, Jeremy O'Carroll, a Word version of his biography and potentional interview questions.

Full Speed News

Full Speed Online Program

Full Speed is a novel about being true to yourself. It's a novel about finding your passion and having the courage to live it.

Most people, if they are honest with themselves, do have a dream. It's just that they don't pursue it either because they fear the ridicule of others or because they don't believe it is realistic. They fear their dream is out of reach.

For many years, helping people be true to themselves has been a passion of Jeremy's and he now intends to create a complementary Full Speed online program to go with the novel.

This program will discuss strategies for finding freedom in modern society and investigate why it can be next to impossible to be truly free unless you either work at it consciously or allow yourself to be intuitively guided.

The program aims to inspire people to let their unique qualities shine brightly in a world where too many people give in to the spirit-crushing misery of conformism.