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Author Bio

Jeremy O’Carroll can still remember with clarity the moment he decided to become a writer. He was 18, studying Italian in Perugia (Italy), lying on his back in a dingy rented room and reading The Magician by Raymond E. Feist.

He was a little homesick, lonely – and in the perfect state to enjoy the fantasy world Feist had created.

With little else to do after class each day, he read first one, then another and another of Feist’s books, until all of a sudden it came to him. He, too, should write!

Press Kit

On this page you will find media resources, including print quality photos of Full Speed author, Jeremy O'Carroll, a Word version of his biography and potentional interview questions.

Quotable Quotes

"In life there are tens of thousands of occupations – things people can and love to do. At mainstream university, one hundred, two hundred different courses. So don't tell me most people end up studying what's right for them." (Carla)

"Don't worry about the clip on a girl's bra until you have her in the bedroom." (Markus)

"Freedom is what you do when you're on a desert island and no one is looking." (Carla)

"It's about actions, not words. About making 'Church' a verb, not something you visit once a week. Because these days most parishioners are more worried about how they look to others than what they look like to God." (Olaf)

"People are always lying to themselves. They put one social mask on after the other and pretend they are someone they're not. That's why we're surrounded by prostitutes. Everyone is selling themselves to something, be it public opinion, money – whatever. And that's why the majority of people get stuck doing something they hate." (Carla)

"Goals are the means by which we consummate our desires. Goals motivate us to do bigger and better things. Without them we'd just eat, sleep, work and shit. We'd never achieve anything great, because goals are what help us concentrate our energy. They make the impossible possible. The sun's rays alone can't start a fire, but put them through a magnifying glass and they can. Goals are like the magnifying glass: they focus our attention on a narrow area to give it more power." (Sebastian)

"Everyone everywhere is sacrificing the present for the future. It's a disease. The Original Sin...Because goals are like vampires. They suck the blood out of our everyday life." (Luca)

"Yep, that's how girls work. They've got a sixth sense. Always know just when it's time to throw out the hook again. Which is why you gotta act smart. Because if you just float about waiting for them like some fat hippopotamus, then soon, I tell you, they'll be dragging you off in a net." (Markus)

"Most of the world has been stuck in smog so long they think it's natural. In most major cities it's a miracle if you can look up and see a star. So at least out here we can still breathe the fresh air, smell the forest, and relax under the night sky. At least out here we've still got some freedom left from the pre-packaged life everyone is being forced to live." (Carla)

"I'm simply talking about that moment of orgasmic impact where you float free in the void, where for the flash of a cat's eye you swim in the seas of Nirvana – the moment of BOOM! when you are everywhere and nowhere, where for a fleeting moment you taste eternity. Where eternity dances and time melts and worlds implode. That's what I'm talking about." (Luca)

"Life, it's not about fame and glory. It's about fame and – Gloria. Glorious Gloria." (Markus)

"Most likely what we think is love is nothing but a chemical reaction in the body. Like taking a drug. Like drinking coffee. At first it keeps you buzzing all night long. Energetic. Ready to take on the world. But keep drinking it day after day and soon everything changes. Soon there is no intensity and no kick." (Carla)

"Sometimes you've got to approach life more like one of those multiple choice exams they make you do at school. You know, the ones where you've got four possibilities: a, b, c and d. Now it's not like you always know what the right answer is, but usually you at least know that some of the options are definitely wrong. So what do you do? You take your chances, that's what you do. What you'd never do is circle one of the incorrect possibilities. That would be idiotic. So why can't life be like the exam? Why do what you know to be wrong? Why not just take a chance on something else?" (Luca)

"Even if sex might partly be about security, it's also an expression of how much you love being with someone who will forever, if you give her the chance, be unknown to you. Someone to whom you will always be a mystery. It's never an eternal promise. You have to continually earn the right to that promise, the right to be with someone. If you stop growing then she ought to leave you." (Olaf)

"People can't stand it when you step away from the flock because it makes them nervous. Makes them realize how stuck they are in their own shitty life. But going baa-baa with them isn't much of a solution either, is it?" (Carla)"

"The more you start questioning things, the less stable your life becomes. It's only natural. If you poke your head out of the rut, you've got no way of knowing what's coming your way. Might be a beautiful girl, might be a semi-trailer. Can't tell ahead of time. All you can be sure of is that the more you step out into the open, the more you open up and allow things to affect you, the more vulnerable you become. Not perfect, I admit, but at least you know that whatever comes along, it isn't going to be the same old shit." (Luca)

"People talk about hallucinations and all sorts of other things. I know that. But it's all hogwash. There is no such thing. In fact, in many ways going on a trip is the opposite of an hallucination. What we see every day is the hallucination. The filters we use to see and interpret the world are the hallucination. They're so restrictive and coercive they suck the beauty and splendour right out of life." (Matteo)

"There's hot drinks and there's hot drinks. And to put your sort of hot drink in perspective, I tell you that it's in the same category as foot massages, 2 a.m. online chat sessions and drinking a milkshake from the same straw. " (Markus)

"If you keep surprising people then they don't know what to expect. After that you're free to do whatever you like without the pressure of expectations." (Carla)

"Stop worrying about externals and you're no longer reliant on others, on the circumstances of your life. Instead, you become captain of your own soul, God, the Creator of your life." (Luca)

"Being out in nature helps you reconnect to yourself. In the city everything is artificial. Artificial foods. Artificial images on TV, in books, in magazines – everywhere. We're always living some fantasy reality instead of experiencing the real thing." (Carla)

"To be consciously original you have to steer clear of everything else out there, and that means your paintings aren't an expression of what lies within you, but a reaction to what lies outside of you. That's why they're fundamentally dishonest." (Matteo)

"Just do what you, not what your parents or anyone else, want. Because if you don't do that, it won't be you that's moving forward into the future. It will be a ghost. A ghost of someone you could've become." (Luca)

"From now on, I want to be true to myself, to be the best I can be. And that will only happen when I take my foot off the brakes and forget security. When I do what I love and live full-speed." (Sebastian)